About Us

OurBeloved.com was created to allow family and friends to share the wonderful memories of their loved ones in a way that honors and celebrates their memory. We realize through our own experience that the loss of a loved one can be one of the most painful and challenging experiences in life. But over time, the countless good memories we treasure find a way to warm our hearts. OurBeloved.com provides a convenient way to share many of those memories, photos, and welcome the upbuilding expressions (i.e., tributes) of others.

OurBeloved.com allows the creation of Tribute Sites that family and friends can conveniently share, contribute to, and enjoy. They are a great way to celebrate the memory of those special people we want to honor.

Tribute Sites are fully customizable to the style and personality of the person for whom they are designed to honor. We provide dozens of beautiful background images for the Tribute Site homepage and allow users to upload their own background image, if they wish. Tribute Sites provide a photo gallery, a page for tributes from family and friends, a gallery of locations, a timeline of accomplishments, detailed information on services, and more.

Tribute sites are perfect for online memorial services, such as those that many people are now hosting on Zoom. The Slideshow is perfect for in-person or online services. The host can share the Tribute Site by email, text message or social media, and provide a link to the online service, if desired. They can be used to share services information, photos, tributes, and other details. The Services page can be set to not appear after the service date, allowing visitors to continue to view photos, the slideshow, tributes, and other pages.

Many social networking sites provide information of temporary value or importance. OurBeloved.com is a social network for the priceless and lasting memories of special people.