online memorials for deceased child

Published on February 25, 2021 aims to provide a service that softens the pain that comes with losing a loved one. Our primary service, the Tribute Site, provides a means to honor loved ones who have passed by creating a personalized online memorial website in honor of their memory. Tribute Sites can be simple, comprised of a homepage with a photo and information, or detailed, including pages dedicated to services information, a biography, photo galleries, a timeline of accomplishments, and more. 

There is a special feature that all Tribute Sites include -- the Tributes page. This page allows family and friends to post personal tributes to honor their loved ones. Tributes can be viewed by all that visit the Tribute Site. 

Tributes now display in a Google Map View. The Map View displays a small leaf icon on a Google Map that corresponds to the various posts. Hovering over the icon displays a thumbnail of the author's photo, name, city and state, email if desired, and their Tribute.

The Map View locates the Tribute by using the zip code that the author provides. does not request more specific location information out of respect for our users' privacy. When Tributes are uploaded from various parts of the country, the leaf icon can be viewed on the Google Map. Zooming in allows the viewer to see more closely where they came from.

Adding a Tribute is as simple as clicking the "Add Tribute" link on the Tribute Site's Tributes page. Tributes can be brief words of appreciation or detailed experiences to upbuild others. Tributes formerly were listed only in a list view, allowing others to scroll through them or click the author's name from the adjacent list to go to their Tribute. The Map View now provides a special way to display where the Tributes came from.

In a time of loss, little can comfort more than the loving support and kind expressions of family and friends. Tributes provide a touching way to allow others, near or far, to show their love and support by honoring a loved one's memory with a thoughtful online Tribute.

Published on February 25, 2021