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Published on March 14, 2022

Nothing is as painful as losing a close family member. It can be even more traumatizing if you’ve never handled such a situation in the past. 

That’s why it’s essential to understand what you should do to give your loved one a deserved burial.

Death Under Hospice Care

Hospice care aims to improve the condition of individuals at the last stages of a terminal illness. Patients may receive specialized hospice care either at home or within a healthcare facility.

If you lose a loved one while undergoing home-based hospice care, you should contact the nurse on duty for assistance. Alternatively, you can call the healthcare facility responsible for your loved one’s treatment.

The healthcare facility will dispatch a nurse who will verify the death and assist you in filling out the required paperwork. Afterward, the nurse will oversee the removal of the body and medical equipment from the scene.

Death Without Hospice Care

Sometimes, you may lose your loved one unexpectedly at home. You are advised to call 911 immediately if the deceased is not under hospice care in such a situation. 

Moreover, you should stay clear from the death scene as the police may want to conduct investigations.

What Happens When the Police Arrive?

The police may first attempt to restore the patient’s life. Then, if all efforts fail, they will take the body to a hospital, where doctors will verify the death.

Investigations will then commence on the death scene, where the police may collect any available evidence. These include taking photos, contacting the doctor, and retrieving medication history.

Planning for the Funeral

Once the police complete their investigations, you can begin planning on burying the deceased. That’s where funeral homes and crematoriums come in handy. Depending on your family's wishes or the deceased’s will, you may either cremate the body or bury it without cremation.

You may contact your preferred funeral home or crematorium to collect the body from the hospital. However, if you don’t have a selected funeral home or crematorium, the hospice may take the body to a morgue as you find a suitable funeral home.

Mobilizing Funds for the Burial

Death strikes without notice, and sometimes raising funds for the burial becomes a challenge. Unfortunately, most funeral homes require upfront payment upon receiving the body. 

It is advisable to contact other family members to help you raise funds for the initial expenses. 

Additionally, check if the deceased left a will or a testament. Finally, if your loved one succumbed to COVID-19, you might find out more about the Federal Emergency reimbursement program.

Notifying Friends 

Before burial, you should inform your friends of the sudden demise. If your loved one had employers, workmates, and club associations, you should also consider telling them.

You may create an online memorial site to help disseminate the information to a broader audience. The website should include detailed information relevant to your loved one’s death and funeral plans. In addition, the extended community will give condolences or contact you for help through the website.

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